EQUIP 18 by Awel

From the second I arrived at EQUIP, I was warmly welcomed by old and new friends. In addition to this, there was such a presence in the room – a sense of peace and happiness that I was aware of throughout the weekend. It was clear that every aspect of the weekend had been thought through and organised well; from having the opportunity to learn more about God and hearing people share their experiences in the main sessions, to having delicious hot chocolates whilst enjoying each other’s company and listening to a great evening acoustic session.

Throughout the weekend the word ‘purpose’ stood out for me. God has a purpose for all of us! I was encouraged and reminded that God has given everyone a purpose and individual gifts, and he wants us to surrender ourselves fully to him, so that he can use us to fulfil his amazing plan. Hearing this was like a breath of fresh air and it certainly stayed with me when I left EQUIP.

I really enjoyed the times of worship. It’s always such a blessing and privilege to have the opportunity to worship with people that are so on fire for God and have such a passion for his love and his Word. ‘Living and Active: Releasing the Power of God’s Word’ was the theme of this year’s EQUIP and we heard a lot about the importance and power of reading and understanding the Bible. This teaching was a great blessing to us all. As a result, we have decided as a small group, to read the Bible together after EQUIP and to share what God has been saying to us. This opportunity to discuss the Bible with other Christians and to encourage each other is very exciting for me, and I know that this will help me so much to draw closer to God.

During the free-time on Saturday afternoon, I got to know people better, by playing games, chatting and laughing a lot! This was such a special time for me, because everyone was so friendly and genuine and I know I’ve made some real friends. So when Sunday morning came, I knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye to the amazing staff that have worked so hard and to the new friends I’d made. But I’m already looking forward to coming back to Souled Out and EQUIP next year. Lastly, I’d like to thank every single person that has helped throughout the weekend; from welcoming us every morning with a smile, to all the behind-the-scenes work that I know has taken place for weeks before EQUIP started. Thank you very much!

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