The SOULED OUT REUNION by Joseff and Tomos

I had a great time at the Souled Out Reunion. The highlights of the weekend for me were the seminars and the small groups. I think these had a powerful effect on me as they allowed you to share things from your heart, without fear of what other people thought. The main sessions were also really helpful. We learnt about what living life for Jesus actually meant and also about his love for us. The weekend also included some fun activities such as the “UV Silent Disco” and the “Breakout” session, where we had to solve various clues and find the key to open the door! But the best part for me was the worship, where everyone came together to sing with the band. In singing together like this, I felt we were all part of one big family, and worshipping with the other young people filled me with strength and joy. I feel that I’ve benefitted so much from this weekend. I’ve made new friends, I’ve learnt more about Jesus and the sessions have reminded me of Jesus’s love for all of us and of God’s promises in the Bible. Hearing other people talking about their lives and faith has given me more confidence too. I would encourage others to come along to Souled Out this summer, since it’s an opportunity to meet new people, take part in awesome activities, and learn more about a relationship with Jesus. I think this is a great way to learn more about God and have loads of fun at the same time! Joseff Griffiths

I had an amazing time at the Souled Out Reunion! I’ve attended courses at Coleg y Bala since I was a child; firstly the children’s courses, then the Cwrs Ieuenctid and now for the first time, Souled Out itself. Last year, I was a little nervous thinking about going to Souled Out, but there was no need to worry – it was a class weekend! The talks were interesting with funny but challenging stories, which was quite new to me, and I had a full notebook after each talk! The highlights for me were the main talks – since they really did challenge me, the “UV Silent Disco” (I’ve never done so much exercise!) and the “Breakout” activity which involved answering different questions and solving impossible problems to find the key to escape! It was great to be at the Souled Out Reunion as everyone was friends (we were like one family together!) And it was good to be able to relax with other Christians – that was a great comfort to me. Hearing other people talk about their faith and how they became Christians also gave me confidence. I would really recommend Souled Out to other young people – it’s totally class and an exciting event to be a part of! Tomos Gwynfor Edwards

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