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Aduniad Souled Out was truly amazing! Our theme was ‘On the Rock’ and I certainly felt that shine throughout the weekend. The talks on God’s unconditional love for us and how we can completely trust him was definitely something that I needed to hear at that moment. It is always very refreshing to go to a Souled Out weekend and just feel so close to God and to return home feeling empowered by the Holy Spirit.

My favourite part of every Souled Out is always the worship, but especially the hour or so that we get to just sing, pray and talk to each other – this weekend it was aptly named ‘Deeper’. The atmosphere was wonderful – I felt I could really trust pretty much anyone who came up and talked with me, not to mention the encouragement I received from so many people. Despite the fact that I spent most of the evening tearing up due to how moved I was, it will certainly remain a cherished memory. The people that I met at Souled Out were honestly true gems and I cannot wait to meet up with them again in future reunions! Perhaps you (whoever is reading or listening to this right now) would like to come along some time and if so, I look forward to meeting you!

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