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A BIG thank you to Equip 20! It was so refreshing to meet online and be reminded of God’s grace towards us in Jesus.

I was challenged and encouraged to hear Andy Ollerton say that life as a Christian is about one big decision, followed by hundreds of little decisions – and this calls us to be disciplined from day to day. So life as a Christian should be different to the world’s way of life. Daniel was confident in God’s provision and stood up for his faith, and because of that, God blessed him and strengthened him in that. As Andy shared, “When you do it God’s way, He will prosper you.” I can trust this in any situation because of what Jesus has done for us through the cross and resurrection. It was also so good to chat, discuss and pray together over Zoom.

Thank you to the Equip team!! It wasn’t quite like seeing everyone in person, but Equip ‘2020 style’ was a great blessing.

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