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Rhodri and Elin

I really enjoyed the ‘Zoom through Romans’ sessions over the last few months. With Covid stopping us meeting people in person, having fellowship with friends and fellow Christians was great. Having consistency within the small group helped to build on the discussions from session to session, with questions that challenged us to be honest and practical in our response. There were a lot of good things, with the small group being a highlight, but I always love how Andy manages to explain some complex ideas from Romans in such a clear and simple way. It’s so easy for me to become passive or lukewarm in my faith, so being challenged to change to become more like Jesus and to make a difference for the gospel is always good.

Rhodri Jones

The ‘Zoom through Romans’ sessions were a real blessing. Andy has the special ability to bring the truth of the Bible to life in an easy-to-understand way. The sessions gave me a better understanding of the background, context and message of the book of Romans, and I felt encouraged and challenged to step out more in my faith. I appreciated having time in small groups during each session for deeper discussion, to learn from others and to encourage one another in our walk with Jesus. It was also so nice to enjoy socialising with each other as a group again, even over a screen! Thank you so much to Andy and to everyone involved in the organisation.

Elin Wallace


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