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Souled Out has always been a highlight of my year and I’m so glad that in 2020, this was no different.

God really used the two evenings of Souled Out 20 to reignite a snuffling flame in my soul and help me back on track in living for Him. It was August and by then I was overly familiar with lockdown. Spending so much time separated from church and friends was having a bad impact and I was feeling like I was starting to ‘run out of juice.’ But Souled Out gave an opportunity to come together as a community once again, motivating me to keep going. Both nights contained messages of encouragement, worship, a talk, small groups, prayer, and ‘after-hours.’ Andy Ollerton delivered the two-part talk on Gideons’ story; the first half on how God raises unlikely heroes and the second on how God raised an unlikely army of conviction, unity, and faith, to stand up for good and how we too are called to unite and share his love and good news today. I really was encouraged by this message and more resolute knowing that it is God’s strength to use us, that we can rely on.

I found lockdown lonely at times and what moved my heart most was the small group discussions. It was so encouraging to get together, albeit through Zoom, as a group of old and new friends, in order to encourage, discuss and pray for one another. Walking with Jesus is much easier when encouraged by others walking that way too, and these groups provided the close relationships of God’s family again.

Souled Out 20 came round at just the right time. I believe God used Souled Out this year to encourage me and refresh my relationship with him. I hadn’t noticed that the passion and love in my soul had diminished to a warm glow until God, through Souled Out, ruffled the embers, and just like letting oxygen into those embers, produced a flame again; an eagerness to keep going with joy, to keep seeking Him and to keep letting Him lead my life.

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